TOPIQ® Efficient pro Hygena

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TOPIQ® Efficient pro Hygena offers the same excellent performance as TOPIQ® Efficient pro with the added benefit of superior hygiene properties.

The surface is washable and anti-microbial (resistant to the growth of germs, bacteria and fungi).

  • Building material class: A1 according to DIN EN 13501-01
  • Sound absorption: DIN EN ISO 354 αw = 1,00 according to DIN EN ISO 11654 NRC= 0,95 according to ASTM C 423
  • Sound attenuation: Dn,f,w = 25 dB according to DIN EN ISO 10848
  • Humidity resistance: up to 100% relative humidity
  • Light reflection: for white similar to RAL 9010 glare-free approx. 88%
  • Hygiene: prevention against bacteria and fungi
  • Colour: White similar to RAL 9010;