Siniat BindEx Fire and Acoustic Sealant

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BindEx Fire and Acoustic Sealant is an acrylic based sealant designed to stop sound, smoke and fire from passing through gaps in fire rated walls and ceilings. It has been fire tested in Australia for control joints, perimeter seals and penetration seals around cables and metal pipes.

When it is exposed to heat, it forms a fire barrier by expanding and forming a solid charred material and providing fire performance of up to 3 hours in plasterboard walls whilst maintaining the acoustic rating of Siniat wall and ceiling systems.

The acrylic formulation means water wash up, easier application, a paintable surface and low volatile chemical content for a low odour product. bindex fire and acoustic sealant can be used instead of mastabase and paper tape to joint sheets in multi-layer systems.


  • Excellent slump resistance
  • Easy to apply and tool off
  • Excellent adhesion to most common building materials
Compounds Description Product Weight (kg)
BindEx Fire & Acoustic Sealant – 600ml Tube 0.97
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