Thunderbolt – Eyebolt

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ICCONS Thunderbolt Eyebolt is a high tensile self-tapping concrete and masonry anchor for use in a whole range of base materials such as concrete, block, brick, marble, and stone, just to name a few. The Thunderbolt is particularly suitable for close-to-edge applications as the cutting thread does not expand or put pressure on the surrounding substrate. Installation is quick and easy, simply drill, clean the hole and screw in the anchor, making the Thunderbolt® Eyebolt an ideal general purpose anchor, even on temporary jobs as it’s completely removable.

• Quick install
• Removable
• High tensile self-tapping concrete and masonry anchor

• Ideal for close-to-edge applications due to minimal expansion force
• Concrete
• Brick
• Block
• Marble
• Stone

  • Use the correct diameter drill bit
  • Drill a hole to the required anchor embedment depth, plus at least one anchor diameter deeper
  • DO NOT use a worn drill bit outside tolerance specification
  • Ensure the hole is drilled perpendicular to the concrete, with a maximum deviation up to 5 degrees. Failure to do so may cause anchor breakage
  • Clean dust and other materials from the hole. Use ICCONS Blow Pump for a perfect result
  • Use a torque wrench or an impact driver
  • Ensure correct clearance hole in the fixture
  • Apply pressure against the fixing
  • Rotate to engage the first thread
  • Tighten the anchor until it is firmly seated
  • When using an impact driver DO NOT overtighten! Follow the torque guidance table, failure to comply may result in anchor breakage. Refer to ICCONS TDS for further information