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MastaMate Paper Tape is a spark perforated paper tape designed to reinforce recessed edges and built joints for plasterboard systems. MastaMate Paper Tape can be used for hand or mechanical tool application.

MastaMate Paper Tape is tested and approved for Siniat systems. For the strongest joint Siniat recommends using MastaMate Paper Tape with either MastaBase, MastaLongset or MastaTape for first and second coats, with a final coat of any Siniat finishing or all-purpose compound.

Made from special paper providing greater tensile strength to prevent tearing, wrinkling or stretching. MastaMate Paper Tape provides a strong joint with machine roughened paper for superior bond generation and precision made centre crease for easy application.


  • Machine roughened for superior bonding
  • Centre creased for easy application
  • Spark perforated to prevent blistering
Compounds Description Product Weight (kg)
MastaMate Paper Tape – 75m Roll 0.67
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