Siniat Mastacoat3

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mastacoat3 is an all purpose jointing compound suitable for bedding tape, second and final coating of plasterboard joints. mastacoat3 is premixed and ready to use. It is ideal in renovations and smaller jobs such as maintenance and prepaint repairs.

mastacoat3 has exceptional body and ease of troweling and provides the perfect amount of time to obtain good thin edges when feathering as it does not dry out too fast. A dark brown colour when applied makes it easy to determine progress of jointing. The change in colour as mastacoat3 dries ensures sanding is commenced only when the joints are completely dry. The dark colour is also useful for identifying patches for sanding, following minor repairs to walls at the completion of the job.


  • Premixed for easy use
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimal wastage
Compounds Description Product Weight (kg)
MastaCoat3 Joint Compound 4.00
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