Siniat Gib X-Block

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GIB X-Block® Jointing Compound has been specifically formulated to give lead equivalent joints on walls and ceilings when using GIB X-Block® plasterboard. An air drying powder compound, it must be used for the first and second coats of X-Block systems, completely filling the recess for all layers of board in the system.

All Siniat jointing and finishing compounds can be used over X-Block Jointing Compound as a final coat.

Mixes easily to a smooth consistency and is easy to trowel by hand or mechanical tools. GIBX-Block® has high shrinkage to create a denser joint, hence each coat must be fully dry before application of the next coat.

The GIB X-BLOCK® system consists of a unique lead-free plasterboard and jointing compound designed for X-ray radiation protection.


  • X-ray shielding solution
  • Lead free
  • Easy to use compared with traditional installation procedures
Compounds Description Product Weight (kg)
Knauf Gib X-Block Joint Compound* 20.00
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