Tuff-Tape Corner Tape Strait-Flex

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Tuff-Tape is designed for flat joints and inside corners where paper tape has failed or where extra strength is required. Great for cement board applications or bath and shower areas where corner leaks are common.


  • Roll size 50mm x 30.5m
  • Resists blisters, tears and common cracking problems
  • Four times stronger than paper tape
  • Ideal for flat seams and inside corners where strength and speed is desired
  • Can be used on fibre cement sheet applications in wet areas
  • Second coat of compound can be applied immediately
  • Requires a very light skim-coast to finish
  • Tuff-Tape is waterproof and won’t rust
Weight .700 kg
Dimensions 17.4 × 17.4 × 5.4 cm