Siniat InterShield (Mould Resistant Shaftliner)

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InterShield is a 25mm thick, solid plasterboard that has been formulated to resist sound and fire as well as providing enhanced water and mould resistance capabilities.  InterShield is used in systems such as InterHome and Shaftwall which provide fire and acoustic separation. It is also a component in specialist commercial systems such as horizontal shaftwalls and column and beam protection systems.

It is suitable for use in Siniat shaftwall and interhome systems where an FRL (Fire Resistance Level) is required. intershield has recycled blue liner paper.


  • Mould resistance
  • Water resistance
  • intershield can substitute shaftliner in any Siniat system and maintain fire and acoustic performance
Plasterboard Description Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/m2)
InterShield* 25 600 3000 21.9

*Non-stock item for this location – lead times and minimum order quantities apply.

Weights indicated are nominal.
Special sizes and other edge types available, minimum order quantity and lead times apply – please contact us with your requirements.

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