Blue2 Flat Box® Tapepro

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Finish fast with Tapepro’s true blue flat finishing tools – the Blue2 Flat Boxes®. The high capacity Blue2 boxes produce a smooth, machined finish on flat joints quickly and easily with fewer fills. The lid opens right up for easy filling by hand and extremely fast cleaning.

  • Tapepro Blue2 Flat Boxes are manufactured from 2.5mm thick anodised marine grade aluminium plates, which are peened together – in short, they’re built to last
  • The wheels are mounted on a fixed axle for more rigidity and run inside the width of the blade, allowing a better finish, especially on butt joints
  • Two actuator pins, light gauge spring and tighter teeth spacing on the ratchet for finer adjustments
  • Low profile side plates have slimline appearance while maintaining Tapepro’s high volume compound capacity
  • Fast and easy to clean
  • Available in 200mm, 250mm & 300mm sizes
  • High capacity flat finishing boxes: 200mm = 1.34 litres, 250mm = 1.68 litres and 300mm = 2.01 litres
  • Add the optional Tapepro Reducer Plates to reduce the finish width
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