Tapepro Slayer Corner Kits

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Apply joint compound, bed-in tape then perfectly glaze and feather internal corners with the Tapepro Slayer Corner Kit. The Slayer Kits from Tapepro Drywall Tools are the most comprehensive set of automatic tools for internal corners on the market. The kits include every tool you need to take on internal corners from start to finish packaged together in a sturdy aluminium look case for safe storage and easy transport. There are 2 kit options – Straight Glazer 55mm & 75mm or Glazer Glider Series 60mm & 80mm.

  • Tool Case 1200 (TC-1200)
  • Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube (CA-T)
  • Tapepro Angle Head (AH-38)
  • Tapepro Straight Glazer 55mm (SG-55) (TK-SCK1)
  • Tapepro Straight Glazer 75mm (SG-75) (TK-SCK1)
  • Tapepro Glider Series Straight Glazer 60mm (SGG-60) (TK-SCK2)
  • Tapepro Glider Series Straight Glazer 80mm (SGG-80) (TK-SCK2)
  • Tapepro Corner Roller with 960mm Handle
  • Tapepro Corner Finisher Handle 960mm
Weight 11.2 kg
Dimensions 125 × 40 × 12 cm
Option TK-SCK1, TK-SCK2
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