Tapepro Boxer Kits

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While protecting and extending the life of your tools in the shockproof and water resistant tool case the Tapepro Boxer Kit will have you finishing first. Available in 4 handy kit options with your choice of 2 or 3 Blue2 or T2 Flat Boxes.

  • Tool Case 1200 (TC-450)
  • Tapepro Flat Box (choice of 2 or 3 Blue2 or T2 )
  • Tapepro Reducer Plate (RP-200)
  • Tapepro Bumper Kit for each Flat Box (FBB)
  • Tapepro Flat Box Blades for each Flat Box (MK03-***)
Weight 11.2 kg
Dimensions 125 × 40 × 12 cm
Option BK-3, BK-4, BK-7, BK-8
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