Siniat WaterShield – Wet Area Plasterboard

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Siniat WaterShield is a wet area plasterboard made from a core of gypsum sandwiched and lined with recycled blue paper.  WaterShield is commonly used as a water resistant wall and ceiling plasterboard lining and as a substrate for tiles in internal wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, toilets and laundries.

WaterShield may also be used as the wall lining for indoor swimming pools provided a waterproof membrane is applied over the wall.

Siniat WaterShield plasterboard has been independently certified by Global GreenTag to GreenRate Level A, recognised by the GBCA for Materials and VOC credits and by the NZGBC.


  • Protects framing members against water damage
  • Non-hazardous lining solution with easy to paint, smooth finish
  • Easier to install and repair compared with alternative water resistant lining materials
  • Lower risk of cracking and fewer control joints required compared with alternatives
  • Certified for use in Green Star projects
  • Available under opt-in Carbon Neutral Program


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Plasterboard Description Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/m2)
WaterShield 10 1200 2400 7.5
WaterShield 10 1200 2700 7.5
WaterShield 10 1200 3000 7.5
WaterShield 10 1200 3600 7.5
WaterShield 10 1200 4200 7.5
WaterShield 10 1200 6000 7.5
WaterShield 10 1350 3600 7.5
WaterShield 10 1350 4800 7.5
WaterShield 10 1350 6000 7.5
WaterShield 13 1200 3000 9.6
WaterShield 13 1350 3000 9.6

*Non-stock item for this location – lead times and minimum order quantities apply.

Weights indicated are nominal.
Special sizes and other edge types available, minimum order quantity and lead times apply – please contact us with your requirements.

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