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TruRock is a genuine all round, multi-functional performance plasterboard made with a high density gypsum core, glass fibre reinforcement and recycled heavy duty purple liner paper. TruRock incorporates impact, water and fire resistance, as well as sound insulating properties for multi-performance applications.

TruRock is the architects and builders lining of choice when specifying the best plasterboard for safe and high performance commercial construction. This high performance plasterboard is durable and easy to handle, it simplifies ordering, delivery and installation as well as resists the effects of wear and tear. Easy to repair and maintain, TruRock minimises ongoing costs over the life time of the building.

TruRock is suitable for use in wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, toilets and laundries; and external walls behind cladding where an FRL (Fire Resistance Level) is required. TruRock is used for internal linings in residential, commercial or industrial applications where a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) is required with the added requirement of water resistance. When used in a system, it can meet the Fire Rating requirements for walls and ceilings required by the BCA (Building Code of Australia).

TruRock is used in load bearing and non-load bearing applications and performs well where acoustic properties are also required most commonly used in commercial projects.

TruRock is a perfect fit for hospitals, schools and other demanding public or community spaces. TruRock can be used in a wide range of commercial walls, ceilings and specialty systems where impact, fire, water as well as sound insulation are required. Hospital wards, high traffic shopping centre or office areas and bathrooms in commercial buildings are prime application areas.


  • Perfect 4 in 1 all-round board to simplify ordering, delivery and installation
  • Easy to repair and maintain
  • Meets the requirements for fire, water and impact resistant applications
  • Reduces the transfer of sound between rooms
Plasterboard Description Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/m2)
TruRock 13 1200 3000 12.3
TruRock 13 1350 4200 12.3
TruRock 16 1200 3000 14.8

*Non-stock item for this location – lead times and minimum order quantities apply.

Weights indicated are nominal.
Special sizes and other edge types available, minimum order quantity and lead times apply – please contact us with your requirements.

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