Siniat Stratopanel & Stratopanel Linear

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The Stratopanel range (previously Cleaneo) offers seamless perforated plasterboard with acoustic performance for stunning ceiling design solutions with perfect acoustics and a continuous look.

Stratopanel has a recycled gypsum core sandwiched between two layers of heavy duty recycled paper.

Stratopanel with CLEANEO Technology is a unique acoustic wall and ceiling lining with built-in air purification that reduces both smells and airborne pollutants, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), improving the overall air quality.

Stratopanel is used for internal wall and ceiling lining applications where control of sound absorption and reverberation time is required. Stratopanel meets the high level of acoustic performance required for high traffic commercial areas such as offices, hospitals, gymnasiums and restaurants and can also be used in residential applications such as open plan living areas and home theatres.


  • Excellent sound absorption properties provide superior acoustic comfort
  • Continuous perforations create a seamless appearance
  • Truly complete system with Siniat Wide Face Furring Channels and matching clips
  • When installed as a complete system, you may be covered by the comprehensive SiniatWarranty
  • Unique built-in air purifying CLEANEO Technology that removes odours and pollutants to improve the overall quality of indoor air


UFF Edge profile

Stratopanel comes standard with the new, improved UFF Edge profile for improved protection & stability on all four sides and less cut waste.

The UFF Edge comes pre-primed on all four edges and is extra tough to reduce the risk of damage on site. The cut sheets can be rotated 180° – maximizing usage and minimizing waste.

The UFF edge simplifies the installation and reduces on-site costs. Panels are installed using Uniflott Jointing Compound. The face paper is ivory and the back face is lined with a black acoustic felt.

New Stratopanel Linear

For quicker and easier installation, we also offer Stratopanel Linear.

Stratopanel Linear has the same outstanding qualities offered by the Stratopanel range, but requires no glue or jointing compound during installation. Stratopanel Linear is engineered to allow a precise fit between boards, with the v-joints becoming virtually invisible when painted.

Stratopanel Linear boards come with a white pre-primed surface and do not need a sealer undercoat.

Specialty Description Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/m2)
Stratopanel 8/18R FF 12.5 1188 1998 8.8
Stratopanel 12/20/66R FF 12.5 1188 1980 8.4
Stratopanel 8/18Q FF* 12.5 1200 1998 8.3
Stratopanel Random RE UFF* 12.5 1199 1999 9.3
Stratopanel 8/18R UFF* 12.5 1188 1998 8.8
Stratopanel 12/25R UFF* 12.5 1200 2000 8.5
Stratopanel 12/20/66R UFF* 12.5 1188 1980 8.4
Stratopanel 12/25Q UFF* 12.5 1200 2000 8
Stratopanel 8/15/20R UFF* 12.5 1200 2000 9.3

*Non-stock item for this location – lead times and minimum order quantities apply.

Weights indicated are nominal.

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