Siniat MastaCove75

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MastaCove75 is a plaster based cornice cement used to attach cornice and decorative features to walls and ceilings. With an extended working time of 75 mins it is ideal for use on large projects where more cornice can be placed from just one gauge, saving time and money.

MastaCove75 mixes easily by hand or electric mixer to a smooth, creamy gauge, it has good body for easy placement when buttering cornice, great initial grab and is easy to reposition cornice. Partially set product can be reworked and used again to deliver the high finish required for polishing mitres. MastaCove75 is easy to straight stop and clean and provides an even and gradual 75 minute set which will not be accelerated by extra mixing, either by hand, on the hawk or by drill mix. This allows plenty of time for cutting and polishing mitres.


  • Mixes easily to a creamy gauge
  • Stabilised set
  • Extended working time
Compounds Description Product Weight (kg)
MastaCove75 Cornice Cement 20.00
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