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Knauf InterHome is a separating wall system suitable for adjoining residential dwellings such as duplexes or townhouses. Knauf InterHome has been designed to satisfy the fire safety and sound insulation requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for separating walls.

The Knauf InterHome System includes two proprietary metal components; the H-Stud and the Knauf InterHome Aluminium Clip. The Knauf InterHome Aluminium Clip is an integral part of the InterHome System. Installed to support the central fire barrier, it must be used to maintain the fire performance of the system.

Access the Knauf InterHome Calculator tool here. For further information regarding Knauf InterHome systems, please contact our helpful Knauf Technical Services Engineering Team.


  • Knauf InterHome saves time through a modular construction method
  • Knauf InterHome has been designed to be a superior solution over masonry, conventional double stud framed separating walls and other party wall systems
  • Installation onsite is simple and safe for builders and contractors with Knauf InterHome systems
  • Knauf InterHome has a number of system options making it easy to specify for architects and building designers
  • Part of complete system from Knauf including plasterboard and compounds
  • Backed by our world leading multidisciplinary Technical Services Engineering Team, part of our Knauf Knowhow range of support services and tools
InterHome H-Stud Interhome H Stud 32 0.55 3000 0.61 AIHS25-30
3600 0.56 AIHS25-36
Furring Channel J-Track Furring Channel Fc28j 18 0.5 3000 0.84 AT18-30
28 0.5 3000 0.95 AT28-30
Interhome Aluminium L Bracket (Bag of 50) Interhome Aluminium L Bracket 40 1.6 80 0.02 ACIH-L
Slotted Back Angle Is Slotted Angle Interhome Head Details A1 50 0.75 3000 1.567 ASBA50-075-30
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