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Designpanel is a precision engineered perforated plasterboard made with a gypsum core and heavy duty recycled paper liners. Available in four styles, and with four tapered edges Designpanel is easily installed alongside standard plasterboard.

Designpanel is used for internal wall and ceiling lining applications where it is necessary to control sound reverberation and increase sound absorption.

By delivering sound diffusion and absorption, Designpanel creates enhanced audibility and speech intelligibility and a high quality sound experience in large open areas.

Designpanel is ideal for use in a range of high traffic commercial applications including large open areas such as lecture theatres, shopping centres and schools, and can also be used in residential applications such as open plan living areas and home theatres.

Designpanel is now equipped with CLEANEO Air Purifying Technology, which removes both smells and airborne pollutants, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), improving the overall air quality.

With a GreenTag GreenRate Level A certification, Designpanel is suitable for sustainable building projects.


  • Excellent broadband sound diffusion and absorption to improve the acoustics in large open areas
  • Four tapered edges makes for class leading ease of installation
  • High quality precision perforations deliver superior aesthetic internal lining finishes
  • Four perforation pattern styles meet a range of design requirements
  • Certified for use in Green Star projects
  • Unique built-in air purifying CLEANEO Technology that removes odours and pollutants to improve the overall quality of indoor air
Specialty Description Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/m2)
Designpanel G2F 12.5 1200 2400 8.9
Designpanel M2F 12.5 1200 2400 8.9
Designpanel Q2F 12.5 1200 2400 8.8
Designpanel T3L4^ 12.5 900 2400 8.8
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