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Plaster Cornice or cove is decorative profile made from a core of gypsum faced with heavy duty recycled paper. Paper-faced cornice enables clean-cut designs and is lightweight. It protects the plaster core and allows for easy painting. At the same time the paper facing increases the durability of the plaster cornice profile during transportation, handling and installation.

It is designed to decorate and conceal the junction of walls and ceiling. It is lightweight for fast and easy installation. Available in a variety of profiles and lengths to suit application and style. Choose from:

  • ClassicLook
    A simple, curved profile that delivers a clean finish to suit all decors.
  • WaveLook
    An elegant, soft curved profile that adds a smooth, relaxing style.
  • StepLook
    Contemporary 2, 3 and 4 step profile that adds depth, edge and dimension.
  • PacificLook
    Delivers bold curves, combined with a smooth profile. Can be retrofitted over existing 55mm cornice.
  • SkyLook
    Sharp lines combine with a smooth profile. Can be retrofitted over existing 55mm cornice.


  • Economical light weight construction
  • Easy to install
  • Available in a range of lengths and profiles to suit every requirement in regards to application and style
Cornice Description Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/lineal metre)
ClassicLook Cornice 55 3600 0.65
ClassicLook Cornice 55 4800 0.65
ClassicLook Cornice 55 5400 0.65
ClassicLook Cornice 75 4800 1.05
ClassicLook Cornice 75 5400 1.05
ClassicLook Cornice 90 3600 1.3
ClassicLook Cornice 90 4800 1.3
ClassicLook Cornice 90 5400 1.3
WaveLook Cornice 75 4200 1.98
StepLook 2 Cornice 50 4200 1.57
StepLook 3 Cornice 75 4200 2.17
StepLook 4 Cornice 100 4200 2.78
PacificLook Cornice 90 4200 2.1
SkyLook Cornice 90 4200 1.96
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