Self Drilling Self Embedding – Coarse Thread Collated

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Collated coarse thread self drilling screw designed with a ribbed countersunk head allowing the head to easily embed for a flush finish. Self drilling tip allows for faster install, whilst the self drilling tip eliminating the need for pre-drilling. Often used for fixing cement sheeting or villa board to steel framing. These screws have a hardened steel self drilling point (tek point) which cuts through mild steel without the need for pre-drilling. Also ideal for fixing panelling to steel frame sections. The collated strip ensure these screws can be installed rapidly with all professional collated screw guns.

• Self drilling tip eliminates the need for pre-drilling
• Collated for repetitive and rapid installation
• Coarse thread allows for a quicker installation
• Countersunk head equipped with 6 ribs to promote self-embedment
• Available in a Zinc Yellow

• Ideal for fixing fibre cement sheeting and villa board to steel framing
• Perfect for fixing panelling to steel frame sections

Screw Guide (Self Drill and Type 17) TDS.pdf Download
Nautilus Screws Brochure.pdf Download