Perma Shape Trowel Golden Stainless Steel DuraSoft Handle Marshalltown

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Marshalltown’s premium quality Perma Shape range is made for concreters and renderers. The blade is pre-shaped across both the length and width of the trowel to eliminate the “break-in” period and assist beginners finish concrete and render like they have years of experience.

  • Blade is pre-shaped across the width and length of the blade
  • PermaShape® guarantees trowel will maintain original broken-in shape
  • Broken-in shape eliminates line and ripple marks right from the start
  • Helps beginners finish concrete and render like a pro, sooner
  • Beveled work edges prevent surface aggregate popping
  • Highest grade hardened and tempered golden stainless steel blade
  • Aluminium alloy Xtralite® mounting is lightweight but very strong
  • Stainless steel rivets
  • Resilient DuraSoft® handle provides a soft feel, reduces fatigue, and offers excellent durability
  • U.S. Patents 5,522,111; 5,713,096; 5,697,265; 5,791,009; and 6,032,320
  • Made in the USA
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