Needle Point Pan Head

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Needle Point Pan Head screw designed for fixing timber or thin steel sections to thin steel. Needle point tip aids in piercing the surface material, eliminating the need for pre-drilling (please see screw self drilling capacities). The Pan head provides a neat, aesthetic finish making them perfect for fixing signs, brackets or lining boards which require a neat and discrete finish. Available in Zinc Yellow these screws are best used in low corrosion dry environment.

• Piercing needle point tip eliminates the need to pre-drill (please see screw self drilling capacities)
• Pan head allows for a neat, aesthetic finish
• Available in Zinc Yellow – ideal for low corrosion dry environments
• PH2 Recess Drive

• Ideal for fixing thin board (lining board) to steel or timber
• Perfect for applications such as fixing signs, brackets, steel and timber sections to thin steel substrates