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The Tapepro Loading Pump is a robust tool specially designed for filling the Tapepro range of tools. It features quick release stainless steel clips securing the pump tube, allowing quick and easy cleaning for chemical setting base compounds. It also features a screen in the foot valve to filter out lumps and other impurities.

It can be fitted with two attachments – the Gooseneck (GS) which is used for filling the Automatic Taper (AT-2000) and Compound Tube (CA-T). The Flat Box Filler (FBF) is fitted when filling Flat Boxes (FFB-***, T-***, AB-***), Nail Spotters (NS-H & NS-XH), and the Mud Boxes (WMB-L & MBP). With the flat nozzle removed, the FBF can be used to fill the Corner Box (CA-H).

  • Aluminium and Stainless steel components
  • Self priming pump spring
  • Powder coated pump tube
  • Quick release clips for easy cleaning.
  • Longer pump handle for easier use
  • Pump screen to filter out lumps
  • Encapsulated “O” ring for superior seal
Weight 4.40 kg
Dimensions 62 × 21 × 13 cm
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