Friulsider X3 Nylon Frame Fixing – Countersunk Head

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The Friulsider X3 Nylon Frame Fixing is the most versatile nylon anchor of its kind, guaranteeing a perfect installation in almost all hollow or solid base materials. The X3 Nylon Frame Fixing distinguishes itself through its innovative anti-rotation wings and multi-expansion design that creates undercuts with various shapes and diameters: the plug occupies all empty spaces, while the tip has a differentiated expansion, increasing pull-out resistance and safety. Available in a Countersunk Head for a discrete or flush finish.

• Maximum pull-out values meaning extraordinary performance on all base materials
• Up to three embedment depths for extreme versatility and significant reduction in installation time
• Increased expansion designed for facades and heavy carpentry

• Facades
• Heavy carpentry

X3 Long Plug Anchor TDS.pdf Download