Automatic Taper SuperLite Tapepro

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The SuperLite Automatic Taper retains the same features as the standard taper with design improvements that include the carbon fibre main tube with a reinforced section for the quick release head that makes cleaning easy. The lightweight but durable titanium side plates contribute to more than a 10% weight reduction. With the carbon fibre control tube that includes adjustable tube rollers for a smoother, more controlled action. It features an anodised cover plate with the same large 2.7l compound capacity.

Automatic Tapers are designed to simultaneously dispense paper tape and the correct amount joint compound onto both flat and internal corner joints.

  • Quality hard wearing components
  • Carbon fibre main tube with reinforced section for quick release head
  • Control tube made from SuperLite carbon fibre
  • Billet aluminium control rings with integrated pull ring and adjustable rollers
  • Features lightweight but durable titanium side plates
  • Easy to adjust backup roller tension
  • Quick release head for fast and easy cleaning, allowing you to run chemical setting base compounds
  • Simple to use adjustable control tube rollers with pull rings
  • Removable anodised cover plate for easy access to internal parts & cleaning
  • Fast filing using the Loading Pump (LP-EZ) and the Gooseneck (GS)
  • High capacity 2.7L
Weight 2.65 kg
Dimensions 140 × 19 × 19 cm
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